Em's Cookie Kitchen

...there's no taste like home

Fresh Baked Cookies Delivered to your home, business or special event in the Murrieta/Temecula Valley






Freshly Baked and Delivered! 



  • Classic Chocolate Chip- a time tested and perfected recipe

  • Coffee Chocolate Chip-a chocolate chip cookie w/ espresso and dark chocolate chunks

  • Chocolate Decadence- a lot like a brownie cookie w/dark chocolate and dark chocolate chunks

  • White Chocolate Chip- a classic cookie w/ white chocolate

  • White Chocolate w/Macadamia Nuts- white chocolate and macadamia nuts

  • Toffee Chip- a classic with a twist of toffee


  • Oatmeal Raisin- chewy and crisp w/ a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg

  • Oatmeal w/ Chocolate Chip- I love chocolate, what can I say?

  • Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip- a fun play on a classic cookie


  • Orange-Chocolate Dipped- the perfect balance of pure orange oil and chocolate will make sure you hide this one from the kids, enjoy!

  • Orange Cranberry- w/ white chocolate chips

  • Key Lime- w/ white chocolate chips and crushed graham crackers

  • Peppermint- *a seasonal offering dipped in chocolate, sprinkled w/ peppermint


  • Classic Peanut Butter- grab some milk and enjoy a classic

  • Peanut "Better"- peanut butter w/ dark chocolate chunks, never too much chocolate


  • Fresh Lemon- refreshing w/ just enough tartness

  • Fresh Lemon w/ White Chocolate Chips- refreshing, tart and a little extra sweetness

  • Coconut Almond Chocolate Dipped Macaroons- *A Gluten Free Cookie*

  • Aloha- white and dark chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, coconut and oats, oh my!

  • Spice of Life- crisp and chewy w/ cinnamon, ginger and a hint of cloves

  • Snickerdoodles- rolled in cinnamon sugar

  • Italian Wedding Cookies- also known as Mexican Wedding or Russian Tea Cakes